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2017 Conference

  • University Course 1
    • Start with Why by Joe Tate
    • Resilience can be Taught by Christian Moore
    • The Joy of Learning by Teri Mattson
    • Managing Risk by Jeff Hirst
    • How Healthy is our Board by Kim Dohrer
    • Utah Compose Exposed by Elizabeth Price
    • Neuroplasticity and Reading by Clint Gearhart and Jeffrey Flamm
    • Teaching Teachers to Improve Student Outcomes by Rebecca Peterson
    • Schmoop ACT Prep by Kelsey Olsen and Loriel Christensen
    • Reimbursement of Education Dollars from Medicaid by Christopher Hayes
    • All the ways we can steal your money by Max Meyer
    • Our PLC Journey by Erik Albertine
  • University Course 2
    • Launch your Library by Katie Kilts and Amy Jamison
    • Teacher Ethics 101 by Erin Preston and Heidi Alder
    • Recent changes in Special Ed by Amy Trombetti
    • Best Practice Timelines for Payroll and Benefits by Ken Hunter
    • School Counselors and Special Education by Leah Voorhies
    • The Inclusion Classroom by April Giauque
    • Be an Agent for Change by Kevin Carroll
    • MTSS 101 by Rebecca Peterson
    • Stories Matter by Tyler Bastian
    • Bonding 101 by David Robertson
    • Charter Schools and Land Trust by Paula Plant and Karen Rupp
    • Releasing Leadership Brilliance by Marceta Reilly
  • Kevin Carroll Keynote
  • University Course 3
    • Avoiding costly compliance mistakes by Robert Goubert
    • Ignite your Life by Eric Aroca
    • Handling student behavior issues by Amy Trombetti
    • ACT and SAT Prep by Scott Farber
    • Managing the Media by Cate Klundt
    • Flying Utah children to the edge of the Galaxy by Casey Voeks
    • Building a culture of learning by Ester Thompson and David DenHartog
    • Comprehensive Teacher Induction Program by Rabecca Cisneros
    • Critical Life Skills by Allie Kabat
    • Expansion or Satellite by Clint Biesinger
    • When to call an Attorney by Erin Preston and Heidi Alder
    • Get your tech on by Shelly Riplinger, Amy Jamison and Katie Kilts
  • University Course 4
    • Internal Workplace Investigations by John Golom
    • Calling all Drama Queens by Shanna Austin
    • Enhancing School Culture and Benefit Benchmarking by Ryan Bingham
    • If could happen to you by Lincoln Fillmore and Tina Smith
    • First Year Survival Guide for New Directors by Rick Veasey
    • What every educator needs to know about Special Ed by J. Lynn Jones
    • Building a Growth Mindset by Ester Thompson and David DenHartog
    • Guitar Class by Michael Christiansen
    • Utah’s Online Library by Michael Hakkarinen
    • How to retire 3-5 years sooner by Derek Overstreet
    • Build a strong charter school brand by Matt Cheuvront
    • We teach in schools by Rena Youngblood
  • University Course 5
    • Complopoly by Max Meyer
    • Mysteries at the Dinosaur Quarry by Bonnie Knighton and Becky Curtis
    • Special Education Compliance Mythbusters by Amy Trombetti
    • Concussion Prevention by Heidi Vawdrey
    • Is it time to change your Charter by Rabecca Cisneros
    • World class Robotics by Halis Kablan and Annie Drennan
    • Influencing Parental Involvement by J. Lynn Jones
    • Marketing by Jennifer Perry
    • Now that’s a good question by Erik Albertine
    • How much should you be paying for your building by Monty Hardy
    • Contracts 101 by Erin Preston and Heidi Alder
    • Quick Wins to improve your Library by Amy Jamison, Katie Kilts and Sherry Riplinger