Charter schools need a voice. Schools need to be focused on teaching their students not on what bureaucrats and government may be doing to harm them. The Association is that voice. UAPCS is the voice for charter schools at the State Legislature and the Utah State Office of Education.

As the largest charter school association in the state, with the majority of charter schools as our members, we proudly represent you as we attend and participate in every state board of education meeting, state charter school board meeting as well as education task forces and policy committee meetings dealing with education and charter school laws, rules and guidelines.  Being an integral part of these conversations, we are able to provide insight and expertise that protects and preserve the environment that allows you to operate your school as outlined in your charter as well as keep you connected and informed of critical information.

Making sure we hear and understand your needs and concerns is extremely important to us and is precisely why we rely on our policy committee, composed of representatives from throughout UAPCS membership, to thoroughly vet legislation that impacts charter schools.  The policy positions we take and the arguments we formulate are a direct result of the collaborative efforts of our staff and policy committee members.

Together, as a direct result of our membership’s support we have been able to make significant strides to increase the funding available to charter schools and shore up the educational environment through which charter schools operate.

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