Why Should I Join UAPCS?

The Utah Association of Public Charter Schools is Utah’s largest statewide network of charter schools. We recognize that your primary focus is on your school, your students, and your parents. At the Association we want to lighten your burden by providing the best advocacy, training, technical resources, networking and support services for you. While each charter school is unique in its mission, all of us strive to provide the best educational experience for each child. At the Association our mission is to promote and support quality charter schools around the state.

Due to our efforts, interaction and presence at the legislature on your behalf this year:

  • the WPU increased 2.5% in addition to fully funding student growth
  • State Trustlands Funding will see a 5% increase and for the first time include first year charter schools in that funding distribution (previously charter schools weren’t eligible until their second year of operation)
  • Clarified the Charter Application and Agreement

Those are just a sampling of the many successes achieved during the 2014 legislative session.  While we as a charter school movement have come a long way in 16 years with much to celebrate; there is still a lot of work to be done. Charters and traditional district schools are still on unequal footing – and we need your help to change this.  With your help, over the next year we can

  • Build a robust legislative agenda to address funding and other critical issues facing charter schools
  • Strengthen the leadership capacity of board members and administrators through high quality trainings
  • Create an on-line resource library center to provide you with the tools you need quickly

Membership definitely has its benefits…

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